Week 7 Letter!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the start of Week 7. Here’s what we’re up to:

App Development:

Lesson 4.10 Prototype is the only lesson due this week. You will be making a prototype based off your thumbnail sketches. While we typically use Keynote to put this together, there are other ways to do it, using Powerpoint and Google Slides.

Please check the website for the instructions, and READ THEM CAREFULLY! It will tell you how to set up the slides for the prototype, and give you the Human Interface Guide, which will make the prototype “look” like it’s on an iPhone. Please note, you NEED TO CHANGE THE SLIDE SIZES IN ORDER TO TURN IT IN.

This is a project that I’d like you to take your time with, so please don’t rush through. I will post the dropbox link later in the week for you to turn it in.


Week 7 brings us a new theme! There are 11 themes listed on the website, and you should have the third finished and posted.

A few reminders: PLEASE put the theme you are using in the blog post! Email me when you’ve posted, and don’t forget to take the “quiz” that goes along with it! Remember, you can’t use the same theme twice!



Make sure you’re posting your photos to your personal blog, and if you forgot your login for the blog, email me!



Need help? Confused? Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Email me. Or Zoom me.

My office hours start at 12:30 and finish at 3:30pm. Email me for a time at james.bourland@tusd1.org.


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