Self Portraits


For this assignment I was inspired by self portrait photographers like Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall. They both created self portraits that expressed a message. The photos I created both have a message and express how I feel.

The messages I wanted to communicate mainly had to do with the male gaze. They also show the struggles I was personally going through at the time that I took these photos. The photos of myself walking past the camera represent the ideal of womxn being “seen and not heard” while men took power. This was also a time when I felt a little powerless. I felt that I was mostly in my head, and passed through the halls without the intention of being noticed. I am also just shy in general, and avoid eye contact a lot.

The photo with the bathroom mirror has more if a message about body image. It was also a time when I had to do a lot of self reflection. I also liked the effect of having two mirrors as it gave different perspectives. The two photos in the mirror with makeup also have a message about the male gaze. They represent the idea of having to continue to look pretty through whatever pain you might be feeling. It is another image about feeling powerless. These weren’t actual tears in the photo, but in this photo I expressed the times where I had to cover up tears to be “presentable” in public, or to hide my real feelings about a situation.

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