Adobe InDesign Introduction

Adobe InDesign is a Document Publishing software package used by the graphic design industry.

By the end of today, you should be able to demonstrate that you can open, close, save, export and work your way around documents inside InDesign.

Follow the video tutorials and turn in the following:

Tutorial Group 1

  1. A Screen shot of the file Save.indd with the whole screen open (Command+Shift+3)
  2. A Screen shot of the file Tour.indd with the Pages panel visible

Tutorial Group 2

  1. A screen shot of the file understand_frames.indd showing one of the text boxes highlighted.
  2. A screen shot of the file add_text.indd showing that you were able to add text to an existing file.

GMetrix Access – Adobe Testing Prep

Use this code to get access in GMetrix app to be able to take the Photoshop or Illustrator certification practice tests


You will need to register with the service before you can use the app and the code. Use your matric number for your username to be able to remember later.

Illustrator 1 Day’er – Placing graphics and the Brush Palette

Follow the Tutorial videos for the 1st video (Nepal Mountain Climbing) and the last video (Texas poster). Give me a screen shot showing the work that you did to add an image on the first tutorial and do the same for the other showing you changed the brushes.

Remember the command for a screen shot is Command+Shift+4 and then you draw a box around what you want to save.

Upload the screen shots to Student View

10 points

Click here for the Tutorials

Design 3 T-Shirts

The objective is to come up with 3 T Shirt designs by Friday. Students who have not had a chance to screen print will go first getting their design on to a shirt.

Demonstrate your ability to create vector graphics for screen printing by using creative fonts, graphic illustration and a good attention to detail. Designs must be submitted as a PDF to MS Office Teams to the “Files” section so that I can print them on film. You will need to go to File > Save As… to create a PDF so that I do not need to have the custom fonts.

Designs need to fit to 8.5″ x 11″ but you can decide how big.

Designs must have just 1 color for now.

The following subjects are allowed:

  • Your name as a clothing label
  • Thimble Peak Clothing Company
  • Sabino Class of 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Sabino Sport or Club
  • Sabino Event like the performance of Chicago by Theater.
  • A Tucson/desert theme

You have until Friday to have 3 designs completed.