Tucson High Magnet School
Grade-Locator / Student(s) Project / All Awards Teacher / Category
Alexis Zarai Aguirre
Gabe Morales
Harder To Read, Easier To Remember? Studying the Effects of Font Style on Reading Comprehension and Retention
Southern Arizona Psychological Association 2nd Place Award-$50 check and certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Behavioral and Social Science
Tristin P. Anaya
Reclaimed vs. Natural: The Complete Analysis of Tucson’s Reclaimed and Naturally Flowing Water
Tucson Water Excellent Project Recognition-$150 Check and certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Earth and Environmental Science
Skyler A. Elder
Bubbles Giving You Bends?
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
Excellence in Engineering Scholarship-$1,000 Scholarship
Outstanding Project in Nautical or Submarine Sciences-$250 check and certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Ayzea B. Garcia
Darian J. German
Super Sleep: The Battle Against Blue Light
Honorable Mention-$25 Cash and Certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Behavioral and Social Science
Sofi Guerra
Potential Protection of Native Seeds Against Pathogens via Beneficial Microbes
SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
Jeremy Jonas
Plant Science
Xia C. Hendricks
Ahmya G. Hodges
Enough Sleep or Enough Physical Activity… You Can’t Have Both!
SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
Jeremy Jonas
Behavioral and Social Science
Isabella Johnson
Practicality of CBD Producing Bacteria: Beginning the Process of Heterologous Biosynthesis
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
Tucson Metro Chamber Innovation & Entrepreneurial Spirit Award-$100 check and certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Biochemical Science and Bioengineering
Adelys T. La Turco
Christopher A. Madrigal
Music Therapy and Its Effects on Depression and Anxiety in High School Adolescents
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
Arizona Psychological Association Behavioral Science Award-$100 Cash and certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Behavioral and Social Science
Adriana E. Morales
How Low Can It Grow?: Making Mircovirus Alpha3 a Low Temperature Specialist
Best of Cellular & Microbiological Sciences Award-$500 Scholarship and Certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Elizabeth Mendivil
Pilar E. Muller
Searching Solutions for Restoring Fragile Landscapes: Seedball Size and Seed Density Effects on Lupinus Formosus, Acaciella Angustissima, Lotus Purshianus and Clarkia Concinna
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award-$25 Check and Certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Plant Science
J’Hrenara Rios
Insect Delights: A Pathway Towards Sustainable Farming
Fatimah Al-Fihri Award for Remarkable Research-$50 Check and Certificate
Outstanding Project Effecting the Future through Policy Change-$50 Check and Certificate
Earth and Environmental Science
Eva Schmidt
New Method for Cell Phone Mediation: Investigating the Effects of YONDR Implementation at Tucson High Magnet School
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Jeremy Jonas
Behavioral and Social Science
Dominic A. Odum
Gabe S. Sensibar
Rumble In the Fungal Jungle: Investigating the Interactions Between Distantly and Closely Related Fungi
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Jeremy Jonas
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Sadie Louise Smith
Investigating the Efficacy of the Gut Biome of Zophobos Morio and Tenebrio Molitor in the Biodegradation of Polystyrene
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
ISEF Finalist and UA Scholarship-Trip to the Regeneron ISEF For student plus $2500 UA Scholarship
Jeremy Jonas
Earth and Environmental Science
Kyra Szabo
Finding Ways to Feed the Future: Evaluating Beneficial Microbes Role in Wheat Germination
SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
Best Biotech Project-$100 Check and Certificate
The Catalina Rotary Service to Humanity Award-$400, Certificate and invitation to present project at a meeting of the Catalina Rotary Club. Invitation to be sent to the student after the fair.
Treistman/Harris Award-$250 check and certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Elijah Wangeman
Galactic Variables and Their Correlations to Hosted Supermassive Black Hole (SMBH) Masses
Astronomy Achievement Award-$100 check, framed certificate, 1 yr membership in Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association
Excellence In Earth and Space Science-Meteorites, book and certificate
Mu Alpha Theta Award for Challenging, Original and Creative Problem Solving in Mathematics-$25 Check and Certificate
Particle Physicist for a Day-Private VIP tour of VERITAS gamma-ray facility for up to four people and chance to sit in with observers for an hour to see what they do.
Jeremy Jonas
Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Eve Yockey
The Batmobile: Surveying Bat Diversity and Abundance along Tucson River Paths
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award-$25 Check and Certificate
Jeremy Jonas
Animal Science

May 11 – 15: Bioscience In The News for Current COVID Articles

Howdy Biotech’ers!

Damn I miss you guys big time and look forward to catching up with many of you in the fall semester. We have only 2 weeks of instruction left! For this week’s assignments I want to keep you guys up to date on COVID-19 news as it related to Biotechnology. So here’s this week’s assignment:

Complete a Bioscience In The News Summary for the following articles:

  1. The race for coronavirus vaccines: a graphical guide
  2. Remdesivir is the first drug found to block the coronavirus


As always email me with questions and for a zoom meeting!

Miss yall big!

Mr. Jonas


¡What’s up Biotech’ers!

This week’s activity will explore 9 different viruses. You will explore similarities and differences in structure, genome, hosts, transmission and whether vaccines exist for each.

Please complete this week’s activity here: Virus Explorer

As always, email me with any questions or let me know if you’d like to zoom with questions!

Wishing you all the best of health and happiness in these times!


April 20 – 24: Epidemiology of Nipah Virus

Howdy Biotech’ers!

This week I have some kickass activities that will hopefully answer many questions you have about emerging infectious diseases and the current SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 pandemic. This week we will learn about Nipah virus and how we can apply what we learned from this disease to COVID-19. Next week we will learn about the ‘spillover’ of zoonotic diseases in a fantastic film! Stay tuned!

  1. Complete the Epidemiology of Nipah Virus activity here.
  2. Also, check out this video explaining how human activities create pandemics and what changes we can make to prevent them in the future.

As always, I am available through email or zoom (email for code) for questions.

Stay healthy! Keep exercising and washing your hands!



Howdy Gang!

This week is a continuation of last week and now you will complete the remaining sections of your Research Paper.

1. Here are all of the sections the complete research paper will include and which parts you will complete this week and next week.

              Research Paper Sections: 

    • TITLE
    • ABSTRACT (you should write this section last)

The sections in bold and underlined are the sections I would like you to complete this week.

2. Here is a GUIDE TO WRITING A SCIENTIFIC PAPER that I would like you to use as well as a VIDEO: HOW TO WRITE A SCIENTIFIC PAPER that you should watch.

3. Don’t forget you have already completed many of these sections in your Research Proposal and Literature Review, so use what you have from those assignments as well.

4. Use Google Docs to write your paper and UPLOAD YOUR GOOGLE DOC HERE when you complete this week’s sections.

Please submit the paper as a PDF. Email me with any questions!



Hey yall,

Some folks were having trouble with the old OSHA course codes so I generated new ones.
Here are the new codes for the 2 courses you can take:

Employability: Interviewing Skills: 942FHA47EAFA

126 – OSHA 10-hour General Industry (Healthcare): 942EKFRKEQF3

To create an account and get started go Here!

As always, email me with any questions!


What’s up Team!

Eventually I will assign activities that incorporate the fascinating molecular biology of the novel corona virus, but for now I wanted to share some great resources that you might be interested in checking out to educate yourself about the current COVID-19 pandemic. Enjoy!

1. Where do new viruses come from? – Stated Clearly

2. The Coronavirus explained and what you should do. – Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

3. A kid’s guide to Corona Virus. – NYTimes The Daily

4. How soap kills the coronavirus. – TEDEd

5. Why COVID-19 is hitting us now – and how to prepare for the next outbreak – Alanna Shaikh

6. The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2 – NATURE (This is really technical, but a very reputable study showing the novel corona virus evolved from another corona virus and was not synthesized in a lab).

7. Finally, for the super nerds out there (myself included) here is a badass website showing the most up-to-date information about the evolutionary history (phylogeny) or SARS-CoV-2 and it’s evolution as it spreads with amazing data visualization tools. Check it out!

8. Bad News Wrapped in Protein: Inside the Coronavirus Genome (NYTimes – requires you to sign up, but it’s free through June!)

9. How Coronavirus Hijacks Your Cells (NYTimes – requires you to sign up, but it’s free through June!)