D.O.F Portraits


  1. The hardest part of the assignment was finding the right lighting and setting it to so it’s not to dark or bright , another problem was finding a good background
  2. You control the deep dof by setting your aperture to the smallest opening and zooming out
  3. My favorite photo was probably the flowers as a background
  4. Taking other peoples portraits is pretty fun because you kind of control everything

It was a little hard understanding how to set up the shallow and deep d.o.f and finding the good amount of lighting it needs. While i’m editing i try to not edit as much so it doesn’t look too much as a different picture but i try to take my time editing and make it look good. I try to look for good backgrounds and notice little things in photos so nothing is to distracting. I feel like i could’ve pushed myself more than i did so the photos would look better than they came out.

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