D.O.F Portraits


  1. The hardest part of the assignment was finding the right lighting and setting it to so it’s not to dark or bright , another problem was finding a good background
  2. You control the deep dof by setting your aperture to the smallest opening and zooming out
  3. My favorite photo was probably the flowers as a background
  4. Taking other peoples portraits is pretty fun because you kind of control everything

It was a little hard understanding how to set up the shallow and deep d.o.f and finding the good amount of lighting it needs. While i’m editing i try to not edit as much so it doesn’t look too much as a different picture but i try to take my time editing and make it look good. I try to look for good backgrounds and notice little things in photos so nothing is to distracting. I feel like i could’ve pushed myself more than i did so the photos would look better than they came out.

Assignment 11


I understood the assignment really well , this was probably one of the easiest ones. With each picture there was different lighting so each photo I tried to get the exposure and lighting good. I edited all the photos the best I could. With the worms eyes I tried to make sure the background was good and nothing was taking away from the actual image. I tried my best to get some of my original photos

  1. I feel like it depends on where your location is and what you main focus is for the perspective to be good
  2. i really liked the leaf on the bench because i though it was a good background and the leaf was just laying there
  3. I would’ve tried to do better on the birds eyes perspective and tried harder because it was a little bit more difficult from worms eye


Activity 11

Birds eye

From this perspective it makes the lake and the city much more smaller than it is and the photograph is taken from a higher angle

Worms eye

From this perspective it makes the dandelion look much more bigger than it really is

Eye level is less engaging because you can use any of those two perspectives and it would be easier than to take your time with the other compositions and it’s not as creative.

When you go outside you should be using your time wisely by taking your time taking pictures so you can get good photographs. When you go outside you should not be messing around and be on your phone.