Work Flow

Work flow helps you get your work done in a neat and organized way. It shows you how to have your work organized so you can have a good outcome of your work. This also helps with getting your work done on time.

Having organized files for each new post is important because it helps you know where your work is. This helps so your assignments wont get lost and you know where they are. It teaches you to be organized and urbane.


Name: Eternity

My previous photography experience is somewhat ok. My mom usually asks me to take family pictures on her camera for holidays.

I have no photoshop experience.

I find inspirational pictures on instagram and Pinterest.

I play softball





  • This is a photograph of two little girls who are sisters in front of a place with laters. They are each holding a lantern. One of the girls looks not interested but the other little girl looks happy.
  • This is a portrait photograph because it’s telling us that two sisters are having a good time at a lantern event.
  • I like this picture because it shows the sisters are doing something together and I really like the way lanterns look


  • This is a picture of a football player in the super bowl parade. Theres a lot of confetti everywhere. He is really happy holding the trophy.
  • This is a documentary photograph because its showing that they are celebrating for winning the super bowl and its history for them winning
  • I like this picture because it just seems so joyful and full of excitement


  • This is a picture of a field full of sunflowers with very beautiful sunset. You can see the mountains in the background
  • This is a landscape/nature photograph because its showing the sunflowers with the mountain and sunset in the background and its full of outdoor nature
  • I like this picture because I really like flowers and its cool to see a field of just sunflowers.


  • This is a picture of 2 friends waking down a street looking at the different buildings and wondering which one to go too. There is a couple in front of them looking through a window looking at an object
  • This is a street photograph because its capturing that moment that is happening
  • I like this picture because you can really see a story behind the photo


  • This is a picture of a man who looks likes he’s lying down in mid air. He looks like he could be doing a flip. He also has really long hair
  • This is a surreal photograph because it looks like he’s laying down in the air and that is not possible
  • I like this picture because of the illusion it has


  • This is a picture of a woman who is in her wedding dress. She’s opening the curtains as a pose.
  • This is a commercial/fashion photograph because it showing that they probably hired someone to take photos on their wedding day.
  • I like this picture because you can see the cool little details the picture has and her wedding dress looks really nice.