week: 2

Ok guys… I know everyone has access to this, clever and team, For those that have answered and done your work, thank you. For those that haven’t… I will be contacting counselors to get a hold of you and your parents… I will be posting new assignments on https://www.tusdcte.org/blancosportsmed10  on Sunday.. I will be posting a new assignment on this site…….. Im trying something new guys… I will recording a power point with a few question after… don’t worry…. its not going to be long.. Same format, with a link to a quiz… I know this is new to everyone but like I told you guys at the start of the school year, my goal is to have you guys learn!!And thats still my goal and promise to you. If this isn’t working.. let me know!! Please be safe and listen to the CDC with PPE( we learned that in class!!! well, for those that went). and let me know if you have any questions.

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