Graphic web design projets 2019-2020


These are two of my favorite pictures i have took.


This is my map of sabino


This was my first photoshop project and had to take the horse head off and put the duck one on.


We made a sabino design and so i didn’t wanna make it super complicated and wanted it simple.

Softball badge

Our project was to make a badge and we could add a sport or club and so i made one for softball.

My sister

So this project, we had to draw yourself but instead i ended up drawing my sister. I dont really like it but i tried.

My creepy Plankton drawing

We had to draw a cartoon character and one of my favorites is Sponge Bob and i plankton was the first one who came to my head.  

Landscape project

In this project, we had to draw a landscape, and when i got done i wanted to add something and i thought why not give the sun sunglasses.


Monster project

For this project we had to make 4 different monsters and personally my favorite is the blue one which is named Blue.

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