my definition of composition is to make your photo more appealing to look at.

these are rule of 3rds due to the subject not being in the middle. both have soft light

these are symmetrical due to them being equal on both sides

soft light in both

both are asymmetrical due to being similar size

both have soft light


This is a photo of a mountain range with some trees. I believe it falls under landscape due to showing the environment. I like the clouds

This is a photo that falls under the self portrait category. I say this because the story it tells is he was probably out getting photos all day by the beach. The sunset is what i find appealing

This photo falls under the street category. Its a photo of a very lonely shopping center. i like the simpleness of it. 

this photo falls under the commercial category due to the way the layout of the berries is set up like a dish. I like the colors

This photo falls under the document category due to showing the grafiti that once wasn’t there. I like the art.

This photo falls under the surreal due to the eerie vibe it gives off. i like the mountain range