Composition 2



Composition Part 2

  1. Composition guideline guides the viewer’s eye towards the importance element of the photo.
  2. Quality of light is how much light it is presented in the picture.
  3. What makes a photograph successful is the ability to communicate with the viewer by composition and light.




Fast Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed Examples

Light Writing:

They’re light writing and they do need a tripod or a flat surface.

Fast Speed:

They are fast shutter speed and they don’t really need a tripod but, you can use one if you want to.


This is panning. This kind of photos do need a tripod.


Slow Speed:

This pictures are slow shutter speed. This pictures also needs a tripod to avoid blurriness.

Slow speed

Assignment 7 reflection

Grade: 16/20 because I worked hard and I meet the expectation but I hardly edit it them I just used the adjustment brush to make them stand out and pretty much thats it.



1) Asymmetry                                                                                       2) Rule of Thirds                                                                                                           3) Symmetry


  1.  This picture is Asymmetry because it is  equally balanced by a different object, instead of being a mirror image. The quality of light is direct because the sun is hitting the tree with its light.
  2. This picture is Rule of Thirds because the main subject is not directly in the middle. The quality of light of this photography is also direct because the building has hard shadows.
  3. This picture is Symmetrical because it is a mirror image. The quality of light if also direct because it has hard shadows because the sun is hitting the pipes with its light.


2) Two tools that I use to edit my pictures is the adjustment brush to adjust a specific object. And the other tool I use is crop overlay to crop an image.

3) I do feel like the koala in the picture because it is the end of the day and I want to go home and eat.

Composition Project

Rule of Thirds

Symmetry Bounce

Asymmetry Bounce