DOF Portraits

  1. Trying to get the exposure to the right setting because of having to adjust the shutter speed and the f stop.
  2. You make sure your main object is spotted but the background has to tell a sort of story.
  3. i like the photo in black and white the most because to me it represents a kind of story.
  4. I love to take portraits because I like to put them in a sort of story and i like to take pictures in general.


  1. My ISO was at 1600 and my aperture was at 8 to get 1″.
  2. My ISO was at 800 and my aperture was at 8 to get 1/30.
  3. My ISO was at 400 and my aperture was at 8 to get 1/125.
  4. My ISO was at 6400 and my aperture was at 5.6 to get 1/1000.
  5. My ISO was at 6400 and my aperture was at 2.8 to get 1/4000.

Birds eye, Worms eye, 11

These are all worms eye.

These are all birds eye.

I grade myself according to the rubric a 16/20.

  1. It opens my eye and gives me more options and helps me think of more ways to take pictures rather than only using 1 technique.
  2. my most successful one would be both pictures of the bottom of shoes.
  3. Using my time A LOT more wisely


Assignment 11

  1. I like this picture because it gets a view of everything around the building.

2. I like this picture because it shows as if the train is coming towards you.

3. Eye level is the least engaging perspective because it is what you view on a daily basis and you would not want to view a picture of what you see everyday.

4. When we are outside we should be taking photos for our assignment that was assigned. When we are outside we should not be interrupting other classes.

Simplicity and Merge assignment 10

These are both simplicity because their background is not distracting but satisfying. Their quality of light is both diffused. These photographs are successful because of their glare with the lighting.

They are both merge because they make an object look bigger of smaller when it is the same size. The one with weights is direct and the other is diffused. They are successful because it meets the assignment.

The first one:

This is framing because he is in the object and it is rule of thirds because he id in the lines. I would say the photo is direct because of its shadows. This is successful because it met the standard.

The second one:

This is leading line because the photo shows a type of hallway appearance and it is simplicity because its background is soothing. They are successful because they show what the assignment was meant for.

Assignment 10

  1. Merging
  2. Both diffused
  3. The way the lighting is combined. also the way the tree is dissolved into the house.


  1. Simplicity
  2. The flower is diffused and the other is direct.
  3. How the flower does not have a shadow. How the clouds look as if the are moving.