Photography Genres

1) This is a photograph of a young couple sitting on a red couch on what looks like a mountain top. Their clothing and the way they’re lounging on the couch tells me that they’re somewhat relaxed.

2) This is an example of a portrait because of the way they’re posed and looking at the camera. This picture tells me that they’re a very laid back couple, and we get a sense of their personalities.

3) I absolutely love this photograph because of it’s exotic background, it’s almost spontaneous. The clouds in the back are also a very nice touch and I love the way the colors contrast.

1) This is a photograph of honey, dripping off of a honey dipper with light being shined on the opposite side of the honey dipper to cause dramatic effect and to help bring out the true colors in the honey.

2) This is an example of food photography because it clearly shows us the honey. We know honey is food.

3) I like this photograph because of the lighting and lack of background. It really gives me a feel of how the honey is textured and colored. It is also very visually appealing.

1)  This is a photograph of icicles frozen along the polar pipelines along with a little cabin in the back of the picture. You can tell it’s either early morning or late afternoon based on where the sun is in the sky.

2) This photo is an example of a landscape photo because it shows us the beauty of nature.

3) I really like this picture because of the setting, it captures the beauty of the ice with the lighting and I love how the little cabin is peeking perfectly through a hole in the ice.