Bird’s eye/ Worm’s Eye

  1. It can improve photographing because you can create something more interesting since in our daily lives we are used to seeing pictures from the “eye level”.
  2. I think bird’s eye was more successful because it seems more interesting to see something bigger than it is. Makes the object seem like a giant.
  3. I would change the shape or form on how I was taking the pictures because it seems like a repeated pattern .

Merger and Simplicity


A: 16/20 Q:16/20 C:20/20 C:16/20

Force Perspective

A: 16/20 Q:12/20  C:16/20 C:16/20


A:12/20 Q:20/20 C:16/20 C:20/20

1.I understand the simplicity the best because there I s many more options to take simplicity pictures. it also doesn’t have like too much detail of a background.
2. Th most difficult compositional guideline for me was the combination of other compositional guidelines.
3.Something I hope to learn next semester is negative space.



  1. 1.The hardest part of this assignment was finding the place and the proper lighting for these pictures because I wasn’t sure if the picture was going to come out how I wanted it to.
  2. You can control the DOF by zooming in or out depending on where your subject is at.
  3. I like the shallow portrait using the reflector (3rd picture) because of the blurry background it makes the subject stand out. Also the reflector gives it that “natural glow”.
  4. I really enjoy taking people’s portraits because I’m really not that creative.

Assignment 6

  1. 1.These pictures are Forced Perspective because two objects  combined to make this photograph interesting.
  2. The quality of light for these pictures are diffused light.
  3. The first picture is successful because the girl holding the soccer ball in front of the Eiffel Tower just makes it seem more appealing. The second one is successful because of the “tiny” people stepping over

  1. The compositional guideline for these pictures are simplicity because it uses like a solid background and its something that won’t distract us from the subject.
  2. The quality of light for these pictures are direct light.
  3. The first picture is successful because of the blur in the back and how clear the subject comes out. The second one is very colorful with detail.