Hello 2020 -2021 Graphic Design students,

As I am sure you have heard, we are now officially conducting ON LINE and BRICK AND MORTER CLASSES. In both scenarios we will be learning via digital instruction online. The district is going one-one with devices. We are working with adobe to be installed on all computers for this class. Every lesson will have a Power-point, hand copies , a demo video and handouts. Zoom meetings will be available for instructor assistance for each lesson. Each lesson will also have a HARD COPY version for students that cannot use Internet or digital equipment. Both versions will be similar and both will involve rigorous instruction and curriculum.

Most everything will be ran as if we are in class at THMS. So we will start with the syllabus just like we would if we were in T302!

Please read and review….sign and have parent or guardian sign then take a picture or scan of it and email me the signed document to …




The Graphic Design instructional program prepares students to use technical expertise, creativity, and esthetic principles to design and create visual concepts that meet specific commercial or promotional needs, as well as inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. Students who successfully complete the Graphic Design program’s coherent sequence of instruction will develop an in-depth understanding of the operation and maintenance of specialized computer hardware and design-related technology tools; the principles and elements of design; digital imaging; typographical concepts and techniques; page layout and design; and the role of the graphic designer. Graphic Design students will explore the history and societal and economic impact of the graphic design industry and will examine legal and ethical considerations and business best practices unique to graphic design and related industries. Throughout the Graphic Design instructional program, students learn and practice valuable real-world skills using industry standard graphic design software to create professional-grade design projects.
The Graphic Design Career and Technical Education program is delivered as a coherent sequence of courses designed to offer students knowledge and skills that meet the needs of the workplace. The Professional Skills developed by business and industry leaders across Arizona are integrated throughout the program. Graphic Design students develop leadership, social, civic, and career skills through participation in the state-recognized Career and Technical Student Organizations, SkillsUSA or FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).

OFFICE HOURS: We are available M and TH from 8:00am- 10am and 2:00PM-3:30PM via email or Zoom (code# 835 8633 2120).

STUDENT GMAIL CONTACT: Please make sure you have completed the CALLAHAN contact survey form OR ZIVIC contact survey form so that  have your current gmail account.









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