This photograph is a close up of a woman looking into the camera. She’s wearing eye makeup, and she looks like she’s bundled up in a blanket or scarf. The photo is in black and white.

I feel like this photo falls under the portrait genre because the main focus is her face. It seems like there’s a good story behind this photo, and she has personality.

I like this photo because it shows a bit of emotion behind it. A lot of the portrait photos that I looked through were very bland and this one caught my eye.


This photo looks like it was taken somewhere pretty flat, with plains. Maybe even a savannah. (But probably not.) There’s dark clouds in the sky, and the yellowish brown of the wilting/dead plants contrasts with the rest of the picture. A tree near the center sticks out into the sky.

This photo is a landscape photo because it’s showing the scenery, and capturing the skyline and the nature. It’s showing the landscape around the photographer

I like this photo because I like the darker clouds in contrast to the rest of the scenery, and I guess I’ve just always like pictures of clouds or storms.


This picture was taken of a moving train, in some kind of underground subway. The front of the train is blurry and there are people on either side of the tracks that are still.

I know this is a bit strange of a picture to put under street photography, but it looks like it was candid, and it’s a photograph of a public place. The train is the main focus, but I think subways remind me of the city and streets.

I like this photo because they caught the front of the moving train, and the colors really caught my eye.


This is a photo of what seems like a city in ruins, or after some sort of chaos. It’s a bit orange and grainy and looks old, and the setting looks like somewhere dry. There’s a fence, and it front of it is a bunch of crumbled concrete blocks. Behind is rows of crumbled buildings and debris.

This picture falls under documentary because the main focus of the photograph is to show the damage and record what happened. From the original caption of this photo I learned that this was taken in Columbia in the 1800’s.

The reason I chose this photo is because I feel like it’s a very good representation of documentary photography. The purpose of it isn’t to be visually appealing, but looking at it still impacts you because of the story behind the picture.


This picture is of a woman, with a red scarf wrapped around her head, standing on top of a hilly plain with trees. She is very big compared to the world around her and there are birds flying around her.

This picture fits under surreal because you can tell that the individual parts of this were actually photographed, but it’s edited in a way that makes it seem like she’s either very large, or standing on a very small world. The birds around her add to the composition/general feel of the photo.

I like this picture because it’s not too heavily edited, to where it looks silly, but it’s still obviously a surreal photo. The color scheme is also appealing and gives it an older vibe.


This is a picture of a girl, wearing an oversized shirt and flannel with an oversized jean jacket on top. She looks to be at a park and she’s looking down at her feet. She has clips in her hair and she’s wearing white socks/tights.

This picture falls under fashion because it seems to be showcasing the outfit, or the “aesthetic” of it that people seem to really like right now. It’s not really a portrait of her though, because although it’s showing the outfit, there’s also more going on in the photo and she’s walking in this park.

I like this photo because it’s a bit more modern, and has kind of a street fashion vibe with a softer feeling. The photo itself is also pretty, and again, I like the colors.



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