I took photos of ATC Teen’s production of Hamlet a couple months ago. It was my first time photographing for other people and I had a good time. It was interesting to photograph a story as it was taking place. I knew the story of Hamlet, so I could figure out what parts of the […]

Q3 Portfolio

  I like this photograph because it is inspired by other self-portrait photographers, but it also tells my own personal story. I also like that this and the next photo could be film stills. I am interested in film editing and the composition of shots in movies. I like when film and photography start to […]


  A – 18 – I submitted above the required number of pieces Q – 16 – I took time editing each piece C – 18 – I composed each piece in a certain way and gave thought to detail. CC – 16 – I thought about the story I wanted to tell in each […]


  A – 16 – I submitted the required amount of photographs. Q – 15 – I took time editing each individual photo that was merged into the panoramas, but my camera settings were not right. C – 16 – I paid attention to visual arrangement, but did not use correct lighting. CC – 15 […]