Xcode and playgrounds


My Ipad wasn’t working so I wasn’t able to do the playgrounds on there.



  1. Yes, I was able to use the process used by developers to help me with the debugging activities
  2. No, my process for debugging didn’t differ from how I would fix things in real life.
  3. It is important to not have bugs because a small issue could eventually lead to the app not being able to work. An example of a tiny bug is not tying your shoes which could eventually lead you to falling down stairs and breaking a leg.
  4. Some tips I would give a coder to prevent bugs is to check how well your code runs everytime something new is added and to make sure all of your spelling is correct.

Dog and Cat Apps

Dog and Cat Apps

Age App

Age App

All About Me App

All About Tiana App


  1. I learned that Xcode helps you whenever you have a problem with your app and it has a very user friendly interface.
  2. I am still unsure about how to actually write code or how to make an app logo.
  3. This was easy once I figured out how everything worked, most of it was just the layout of the app that gave me a little bit of problems with switching devices.


My name is Tiana, I don’t have a nickname. In 4th grade, my computer class teacher had us do this game where we had to type lines of code to have our person win the level. I took this class, because Mr. Bourland asked me if I wanted to take the class. I decided I would like this class better than Auto Tech. An interesting fact about me is that I don’t like pizza.

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