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movie poster









A: 20 because I submitted both movie posters that were required.

Q: 20 because I edited them in photoshop and light room.

C: 16 because the photograph utilizes a compositional guideline.

CC: 20 because I took time to check out a camera and spend time trying to get a picture similar to the one I wanted.

My idea for this assignment was to get my brother and sister to look similar to the “just friends” characters. I executed my idea by checking out a camera and making sure they were in the position the characters were in. My strengths are my editing skills and making sure the picture looks nice and balanced. I need more improvement in knowing exactly how I’m going to take the picture and where to put them to have a nicer background.




Movie poster idea

My idea was to do the “wedding crashers?” because since I’m going to a quince this weekend I’m planning to get the pictures there since everyone is going to be looking nice. If that ends up not working out I want to do the “friends” poster at the quince as well and get all my friends to be in the picture. I was also thinking of doing “just friends” at the quince as well so I’m going to try taking similar pictures to these and see which one works out the best. And i was planning to check out a camera for the whole weekend because I won’t be here Friday.

Plan for theme

My theme is going to be things done during sunsets. Like I’m going to check out a camera and try going to my brother practice and taking pictures of him practicing while having the sunset as the background. I’m going to come up with different things that can be done with the sunset in the back.

Multiplicity assignment


A: 16 because I submitted the photos I needed to do with assigned instructions.

Q: 20 because they are edited and focused and seems to be balanced out.

C: 20 because It seems like it’s more than 2 compositional guidelines.

CC: 20 I took time doing and coming up with ideas to take this pictures.

multiplicity plan






My plan for this assignment is to go outside and take pictures of Alexus doing different things in one spot. I was also thinking of making her jump and run and put her in different places doing different things. I can also find a ball and make her juggle and move around with the ball on the field.

Assignment 2: time

A: 20 because I actually took the time to take these pictures in different timings.

Q: 20 because I edited them in Lightroom and photoshop to create this image.

C: 16 because They used utilize a compositional guideline or an element of design.

CC: 16 because my photographs display a developing artistic style and careful use of time.

2. My idea for this assignment was to get the sunset and use time to create pictures like this. I actually got time for myself to go out and take different types of pictures. My strengths of my work is that my editing is good when it comes to putting pictures together and editing on picture itself. I think I need to improve on having extra time to go over my pictures and really check if they all look focused. At first what I was thinking of doing is different to what I ended up doing. In my opinion the work I did while taking these pictures was better than what I had in mind.

Assignment 2: Plan

I’m planning on going out this weekend and get photographs of it still being bright in the afternoon until the sunset comes out at the park. I was also thinking of getting my siblings to jump in the air and act like if I kicked them crouching up in air. I can also do a water fall taking a picture when it’s bright outside and then when it’s about to get dark. I’m also going to try to take a picture in the day and in the night at the same place without moving.