11: Portal

  1. I enjoyed creating portal more because using tools to actually make it look like that is cool.
  2. I used the quick select tool and the brush to help it out a little then I masked it and moved it onto the background to look like that.
  3. I’m happy with the one on the left because she made it seem like it was cool coming in from another “dimension” by the look on her face.
  4. I rate myself a 8.9.


2) My greatest challenge was trying to get it in the right place.

3)I learned hw to use the quick select tool and to mask it also to make things look gigantic.

Dorse & Friends

Bear practice


Assignment 7: worms eye and birds eye

  1. I can improve my photography by going at an angle where the action is happening then take the picture.
  2. I feel like the plant in front of the camera and the building behind it because there are 2 object i got for worms eye.
  3. The way the pictures are taken like i could’ve taken them at an angle.


Assignment 6

A: 16 because most of my pictures were the same.

Q:16 because my photographs have been cropped and edited.

C:16 because most of them don’t refer to a compositional guideline.

CC: 16 because I could have managed my time and take better pictures.


  1. I understand the asymmetrical guideline because theres another object interfering the main focus.
  2. The line because it’s hard to find something cool going on with other guidelines.
  3. Something I hope to learn next year is to learn how to work with the apertures more.

Activity 6