12: D.O.F Portraits

shallow depth of field





AI – 20/20, i turned in more photos than assigned for shallow DOP and they are all high quality.

QT – 20/20, all photos were edited in lightroom to correct exposure, add contrast, etc.; and in photoshop to remove blemishes and textured skin.

CD – 16/20, most of my photos follow some kind of compositional guidelines but not all of them.

CC – 18/20, i showed that i understood the assignment through the photos but not all have symbolism, theme, etc.

reflection questions
  1. The hardest part of the assignment was getting the camera settings right for shallow depth of field, like balancing the shutter-speed and aperture to not add more ISO. It took some time but i eventually got a better understanding.
  2. You control the depth of field with aperture, the smaller the F number the less is in focus. Then you have to balance exposure with shutter-speed, ISO and aperture as well.
  3. The photo i like the most is the first one under shallow depth of field where Nika is standing in the courtyard with her head turned looking at something behind her. That one is my favorite because i like how i edited the contrast and how good it looks in black and white.
  4. it’s a little weird when telling them how to pose but after a while when you’ve been around the person for a while, it becomes way easier and a lot of fun. there is also an awkward moment when they are just looking at you while you’re trying to get the settings right and they are trying to hold a pose that i don’t like at all but after it happens a few times and you explain a bit, it’s fine.




11: bird’s eye and worm’s eye

worm’s eye:



grade yourself:

AI – 15/20, they all follow the assignment instructions but i didn’t turn in the required amount of photos.

QT – 20/20, all my photos were edited in lightroom and some in photoshop, and i put effort into each one.

CD – 18/20, most of my photos use compositional guidelines such as rule of thirds, fill the frame and leading lines, but not all.

CC – 20/20, i worked hard on my photos, to get them and edit them. some were even taken outside of class.

  1. I think it can change the entire reason for a photo and gives us a new perspective of something, that is really awesome.
  2. I think my most successful photo was the falling leaves one. i spent time editing it and got leaves thrown on me by Nika like 15 times just to make sure i got the right one.
  3. i wouldn’t change a thing, i think it was an awesome assignment.


ACTIVITY 11: bird’s eye/worm’s eye


since the photo is taken from a bird’s eye angle, it has a flat effect and it becomes a cooler photograph that you want to look at longer and figure out.


the low angle gives us a different perspective of the subject, making it look cooler and eye catching.

3. we see everything at eye level so when a photo has a new perspective it becomes intriguing because we might of never seen the subject that way.

4. when we are outside we should be taking “sweet pics” and having a good time. we should not be running around, getting snacks from the vending machine, spending time with friends, and running around the halls of the buildings.

activity 10: simplicity and mergers


this is simplicity because the subject is surrounded by just water and they are the only person/thing in frame.

the quality of light is direct because there is nothing that is diffusing the light source.

they accomplished simplicity, that is why it is successful.

the composition is simplicity because they filled the frame and focused on the background by making it simple but not boring.

the quality of light is direct because there is nothing that is diffusing the light source. plus the shadows seem more sharp.

they were successful because it has good lighting, good quality, very nice angle and the subject is interesting.

forced perspective:

the composition is forced perspective because they made it look like the guy in the background is tiny and the guy in the foreground is huge or normal sized.

the quality of light is direct because the shadows of both subjects is very clear with sharp “edges”.

this photo is successful because they used perspective to make a guy look mini, it’s good lighting and edited pretty well.


the composition is forced perspective because the they made it look like that man is being poured out of that yellow plant waterer.

the quality of light is direct because the shadows of both subjects is very clear with sharp “edges”.

this photo is successful because they used perspective to make that guy look like he is coming out of the yellow pitcher, it’s good lighting and edited pretty well. overall it is just interesting.


leading lines and framing

leading lines



reflection questions:
  1. I think my photos have improved a lot since the beginning of the year. My editing and shooting style is starting to develop which is really awesome. I think my photos are just overall better, composition, editing, and shooting wise.
  2. My best framing is where Mya is crouched down and the tire is framing her. I feel like I could have done better for sure. We just saw the tire and knew it would be a good frame.
  3. My best leading lines is where Nika is sitting on the red bars and its her side profile. I love the angle and the feeling it has. I was thinking of how well the red bars could lead to a subject and how i could get a good angle from it.
grade yourself:

assignment instructions – 15/20 because i am short a few photos but they all follow the composition guidelines

quality- 20/20 because i edited all of the photos, more than just cropping them and actually the way i wanted them not just the “correct” way.

composition- 18/20, all photos follow a compositional guideline and some of them use more than one.

content- 16/20 since majority of them do show my artistic style