Portfolio 9

  1. This photograph also wasn’t created for a project.
  2. I like this photograph because it was fun to create and I think its funny. I don’t know why this photograph is successful but I think it is.
  3. I learned how to create black backgrounds with this picture.

Portfolio 8

  1. This photograph wasn’t created for any project but I took it at the fair.
  2. I like this photograph because it reminds me of when I went to the fair with my grandma and cousin. I think that the colors make it successful.
  3. I learned how to get good exposure when its dark and there are bright lights.

Portfolio 6

  1. This photograph was created for birds eye/worms eye.
  2. I chose this photograph because I like the contrast of it towards the sky. I think the simplicity makes it successful.
  3. While creating this image I improved the way I get things out of frame.