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spring portfolio

  • This photo was created for the “Red” assignment.
  • I chose this photograph because it was my first photo here at Tucson High and I was so excited about it.
  • I learned how harsh the sun is, and how hard it is to photograph without diffusers and some clouds.


  • This photo was for the “architecture” assignment.
  • This is one of my favorite pictures Ive taken. I reminds of something angelic and serene.
  • I practiced patience, and using a long exposure because the lights we so hard to capture. I loved meeting new people, and explaining why I am laying on the floor taking pictures of the stairs.

  • This photo was for the “architecture” assignment.
  • Like the previous photo I love how serene the photo is and the experience I had taking the photo really makes the picture for me.
  • I learned that if you do not have a tri-pod you better have steady hands fo the long exposure.

  • This photo was for the “architecture” assignment.
  • I picked this photo because it really shows how beautiful our city is, this is in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tucson. Every house looks different and out of place.
  • I practiced getting different angles of things instead of shooting everything head on.

  • This photo was for the “architecture” assignment.
  • I chose this photo because I feel like I truly captured the beauty of this sacred place. It is one of my places to go and reflect, pray, and eat.
  • I had to learn that the people in the photo make the photo, and they aren’t going anywhere.

  • This photo was for the “architecture” assignment.
  • The photo is also in that same neighborhood as the other photo, and they do not look like they go together at all. I love the simplicity of this house. I think the angle of the photo and the fact that you can see the next two buildings, and they do not match the theme of the subject makes the photo successful.
  • I learned that there is beauty in simplicity, not only to me but to others too.

  • This photo was for the “architecture” assignment.
  • Even though the church is under construction, I feel like the nose was drowned out by the vibrancy of the colors and the beauty of the church itself.
  • I learned that even when you are working on yourself you can still be beautiful.

  • This photo was for the “architecture” assignment.
  • This is in the inside of the San Xavier Mission. I dont think locals appreciate this piece of history enough, and I feel like this photo helps one appreciate the beauty of the artifacts and religion, whether you believe in it or not.
  • I learned to appreciate whats around me, rather than complaining about how much I want to get out.

  • the photo was for the “Zine” assignment.
  • I was trying to paint the sky as the dreams and the city as the nightmare. I think that the darkness of the city and the vibrancy of the sky really bring out what I was trying to accomplish, even though I did not use this photo.
  • I learned new parts of the school taking this photo, it took some exploring.

  • I actually did not take these last photos for an assignment, but I am really happy with them.
  • I think getting everyone to look at me at the same time and to smile really makes the photo. There were a lot of problems with this shoot.
  • I learned that even the family that can do it all, can’t get along sometimes.

  • I chose the photo because it has almost 30 years of love in it. This is one of my favorite pictures of my aunt and uncle, and I am glad I was the one to capture the moment.
  • I learned that true love is not easy and it never leaves.

  • I love this photo because it looks vintage. My aunt and uncle raised my cousins off of old school values and I feel like if you knew them you would know why I made the photo look the way it does.
  • I practiced placement in this photo, looking at it now I would rearrange them but it is still a beautiful photo.

  • I chose this photo because I love the diversity of it. All of my cousins have the same parents, but the oldest and youngest came out darker than the middle to. We call them the oreo siblings. It was very hard to take this photo because we were on a time crunch and we were all hangery.
  • I learned that having a sibling can be annoying at times, but you have life long bestfriends at the end of the day. Another lesson I learned was that no matter how hard we try my family will never have proper time management. We will get there when we get there, and the people are still going to be happy because we are the party.

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