The picture with the foot in it was just for fun it made my sister laugh so I put it in.



Day in the Quarantine Life

My morning starts with the cats waking me up at maybe 7 am which is very annoying. Then I get out of bed and make my self a cup of coffee and chill with my parents outside. Then I help mom make diner witch in the picture was cracked chicken. Then I sit and read books that my parents recommend to me while listening to the radio on my walkman. Then I go and sit with my sister for a little while. Then I have a movie lesson with my mom which is nice because I understand it better when I can see it. I either clean or play games on my devices. Then I watch TV shows on my phone. I start to settle down and have my daily talk with my dad. Then I just watch YouTube untell I fall asleep. 

Object Study

10 Minutes Out Theme

Golden Hour