This is an example of a portrait photo. The photograph shows an old Indian woman. She is carrying brooms on her head, and she wears earring and a nose piercing.  She is wearing a multicolored garments and she looks like she is going somewhere. The woman stares directly into the camera. This is a portrait photo, because the main focus is of a particular person. I really like how simplistic this photo is, although her expression holds many layers

This is an example of commercial photography. It shows a slice of meat, garnished in veggies and sauce. The intent of this photo is to appetite you, to make you want to buy this product. The photographer adjusted the lighting and such to present the food better. I like colors being used in this photo.

This is an example of street photography. The photo shows a dark street, lit by dim street lights. There is a person on a scooter, riding away from the photographer. This photo ensensuates warmer colors. This photo is meant to encapsulate a street setting in it’s original setting. I personally like how the shadows cast over different parts of the photo.

This is a example of documentary photography. The photo shows a woman holding a cardboard sign. You can assume that she is protesting, by the words on the sign and the crowd in the backround. This photo intends to capture a moment with real world significance. I personally like the orange light illuminating the back of her hair.

This is an example of landscape photography. This photo features a coast line, with green mountains and a blue sky. The point of landscape photography is to capture nature. This is a beautiful photo of a nature setting. I personally like the white streaks of the waves.

This is an example of surreal photography. The photographer had the model hold a mirror, and it creates the illusion that you can see through her. Surreal photography is a type of photography that is dreamlike and fantastical. I personally like the way her hands curl around the mirror, but you cannot see her arms on the other side.

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