The photograph above displays the night sky above a line of trees that are next to a body of water reflecting the night sky above. This is an example of a landscape photo.

This is a landscape photo because you are seeing this large portion of nature in a very wide view that very prominently displays the trees against the night sky.

I really like this image because of the contrast in the trees against the sky as well as this bright night sky that has very dark colors with the stars providing bright lights, I also like how the scene is reflected in the water.



This is a portrait photograph of someone (on the younger side) that is laughing. There isn’t any color in the background except for grey and white.

This is a portrait photograph because it is a photo of one subject (the person laughing) and tells us a little bit about them. I think the person in the pot is someone who likes to joke around, and someone who is generally having a good time.

I like this image because it doesn’t feel very serious and is just very simple in that it is a photo of someone laughing.



This is a photo documenting what is happening at the U.S Mexico border. We see a chaotic scene where people are moving over and tearing the border wall down.


I think this is a documentary photo because the complications involving the border are a very real thing. This photo gives a very wide view of the action too, showing just whats happening.

I find this to be a good photo generally just because it shows whats happening, and isĀ documentingĀ the experience.



This a an example of street photography. In this photo we see some large graffiti painted on a concrete wall in a fairly empty area.

I think this is a good very good example of street photography because its shows something you might find just walking down an alley, or down the street.

I like this photo because its fairly grey except for the graffiti on the wall and the vegetation on the edges of the photo.

This is an example of fashion photography. The photo is showing of shoes in a very brown and grey environment, but the main focus of the photo is the shoes that are being worn by someone.

I think this is fashion photography because it is very obviously showcasing the shoes in the photo, and everything else in the background is fairly blurred, so the eye isn’t really drawn to much but the shoes.

I like this photo because of its warmer temperature. Its a very soft photo that just is really nice on the eyes, the colors in this photo are also really nice.



This an example of a surreal/composite photo. In this photo we see a face floating above water. This head has some sort of light source below the chin that is giving it an interesting glow. In this head there are holes along the sides and forehead.

I think this is an example of surreal/composite photography because it displays something that would never happen in real life. This is a truly dreamlike photo. It really doesn’t make that much sense.

I really like this photo because of the pink and blue colors that are interrupted by this ominous floating head that is grey and black. I think its interesting how the head reflects along the water, and how you can the sky through the holes in the head.




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