alex benetel biography


  • alex is a 23 year old teacher and a photographer from sydney australia
  • she graduate from the university of sydney with a bachelor of education {primary}.
  • in 2015 she was invited by disney and instagram to take stills on the set of rogue one.


  1.   2.she began discovering new artist and stumbled upon a small  community of teenage photographs who took beautiful self portraits.
  2. she is inspired by a lot of things like: music films, personal experiences and other people stories.
  3. she is mostly fascinated with the idea of creating new words that she wish existed
  5. 1. it takes a while to develop your style so you need to be patient
  6.  2. you have to collaborate with other artist ,get to know them and keep shooting.
  7. takes a while to learn how to photograph but you just need to push yourself and put yourself out there.

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