Open Theme Plan

For this open theme assignment I want to photograph mainly in the downtown area but I want to give the idea of the history behind the pictures I want to take and the historic view of Tucson. I want to photograph areas around Tucson mainly downtown and get its historic parts and bring them back to the times and get some back stories and research about it a lot more get to know the city way more then we may not know.

Multiple Exposure

A/I: I would give myself a 16/20 although I have an added photo of the same but made differently I would considered it one but in different prospective. I did however went along with my planning.

Q/T: 16/20 I believe I did what was required for this assignment but possibly could’ve added a bit to my editing and go more beyond and mess with the adjustments a lot more.

C/D: 20/220 I give myself this grade because I feel like the idea put into these pictures of having personality or other the of things to bring the person they are stand out went along well and its clear and stands out.

C/C: 16/20 I believe I have my own style put into the photos. The idea and thoughts stand out clearly I believe.

Reflection: From this assignment I feel that everything came out as planned and a lot more accomplished from other assignments I felt a lot comfortable with doing this assignment not only was it fun to do but I liked playing around with the two pictures and of how it all came about. I did accomplished my thoughts from my planning.




I believe I did a decent job on this project however I think I could’ve done a bit better and improve on some things for example blurriness on the light writing and I put the two sky pictures without having it look like I put them together. I wasn’t ¬†able to get enough sports pictures like I wanted to but I did get to photograph slow shutter speed, I also got to photograph something different I’ve never done before and got to experience it as light writing.

A:20/20- I have 6 photos

Q:16/20- Used Lightroom and Photoshop to edit and crop photos.

C:16/20- I focused on most photos with the detail of what I was aiming for.

C:16/20- Focused on several ideas in some unique way, took lots of time.

Time Plan

I have many plans and ideas in my mind that I would like to create but one that really gets me into is the freeze action photography especially when it comes to sports that’s where I like to see this type of photography. My plan is to get some of my friends who play sports or perhaps even show up to a game and catch some of these amazing photographs. Other ideas I have in mind too is the time lapse photographs were I had this idea of getting an old imagine of mines recreating it and taking that same picture years ago at that same location were it was taken to now.