I forgot to name the last one. I couldn’t decide between cog or dat.

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Note to Mr. G: I will not be in class Thursday March 29th or all week April 2-6 due to a track meet and school trip to Washington DC. I am posting my two verticals that I have gotten, but have not done the polar or horizontal. I will do reflection questions when I am able to finish the photo part of the assignment.


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Studio Light

Reflection Questions:

  1. I prefer working in outside lighting more than studio because it is easier and the resulting photos come out nicer in my opinion.
  2. I liked the butterfly lighting the most because it illuminates most of the face rather than having it be really dark like the other two.
  3. The hardest part about working in the studio was getting the camera settings and light to make the exposure you wanted.


  1. I enjoyed creating levitation because it was easier and I think the end results are better and more intreating looking.
  2. These illusions require tripods, aligning layers, creating layer masks, and using the pain brush to hide/reveal things.
  3. The photo I’m happiest with is the levitation photo I took of Bella because it is well put together and edited. I think it is the most believable illusion as well.
  4. Photoshop wiz rating: 6

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Gallery Review

  1. My favorite photo was the one of the grand canyon and the moon.
  2. This photo stood out to me because of the subject matter itself (grand canyon and moon) as well as the bright colors. The orange/pink of the canyon with the bright blue of the sky.
  3. I noticed that the photo was taken vertically which really drew my eyes upward to see the moon. i also noticed that it was edited to increase. contrast.
  4. It is important to print and hang your photos so you can see them fully and also to take pride in your work.