Self Portraits

A – 20 I turned in all 3 of the photos required for the photo assignment

Q – 18 I put a lot of effort into these photos, particularly the first two, setting up the camera at the angle with my tripod was challenging to achieve and the hiking photo took half a day to reach the destination

C – 15 All of my photos are fairly symmetrical and do not stray away from that composition reducing the variety between my photos.

CC – 15 Two of these photos were taken outside of class on my own time, and during the break. Although it was taken just a couple weeks before the assignment was given to us, I felt the need to include the football photo of me which I took before our last game as that is an important aspect of my life.

Artistic Statement –  I am extremely happy and satisfied with the photos I have produced, especially the pallet of colors between the photos; they each feel unique and separate. My first photo in particular, has layers of significance to me. The first being my pose, I modeled it after the movie boyhood which is a movie which I highly resonate with. Obviously in the picture, Im holding two of my favorite albums of all time, I know Im wearing headphones which doesn’t make sense but I was trying to convey my love for music. To the right are some comics, which are also a past time of mind, I draw too so I often take inspiration from my favorite artists. The other two photos are of me in a cave near a place where I go hiking often and the final of me in uniform for football.

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