Self Portraits

A – 20 I turned in all 3 of the photos required for the photo assignment

Q – 18 I put a lot of effort into these photos, particularly the first two, setting up the camera at the angle with my tripod was challenging to achieve and the hiking photo took half a day to reach the destination

C – 15 All of my photos are fairly symmetrical and do not stray away from that composition reducing the variety between my photos.

CC – 15 Two of these photos were taken outside of class on my own time, and during the break. Although it was taken just a couple weeks before the assignment was given to us, I felt the need to include the football photo of me which I took before our last game as that is an important aspect of my life.

Artistic Statement –  I am extremely happy and satisfied with the photos I have produced, especially the pallet of colors between the photos; they each feel unique and separate. My first photo in particular, has layers of significance to me. The first being my pose, I modeled it after the movie boyhood which is a movie which I highly resonate with. Obviously in the picture, Im holding two of my favorite albums of all time, I know Im wearing headphones which doesn’t make sense but I was trying to convey my love for music. To the right are some comics, which are also a past time of mind, I draw too so I often take inspiration from my favorite artists. The other two photos are of me in a cave near a place where I go hiking often and the final of me in uniform for football.

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon primarily took portraits of others with some of his most famous works titled “In the American West” where he focuses on interesting and strange individuals along the journey. In all of his portraits, Richard aims to tell a story by having the subject dress or interact with something that is characteristic to them or their everyday life.  By my own interpretation, Richard Avedon’s  self portrait is used to show his passion for the arts particularly photography, film and music as he is with actress and singer Sophia Leone.

Open theme

A – 20 I turned in all 5 of the pictures required for the assignment

Q – 19 I put a lot of effort into these photos and am proud of the result in quality

C – 18 My photos use different compositional techniques such as symmetry and rule of thirds

CC – 20 All of these photos were taken outside of class during break

Artistic statement – My original plan was to do night time photography and while I was able to produce some good photos, it was not enough to complete the assignment required photos and I was not able to do any star trails as I originally intended because the moon was too bright. However, I am happy with the photos I produced they have a warm tone and color pallet. The only thing I would re-do is the grain on the camp fire photo and fix its composition because got cut off on the bottom half.


Personal theme planning

For my assignment, I plan to do night time photography. Im unsure if I want to primarily want to stick to star trails and landscape or something more urban oriented. Night time photography has always been a weakness in my skills but is also something I strive to achieve because I think the end results turn out something damn pretty cool!


A – 20 I turned in both pictures required

Q – 20 I feel both these pictures have good quality

C – 20 Both photos are symmetrical, the way I intended them to be. Alexus has two copies of her to her left and right as well as two in the middle that split the “T”. My friend Jason who is skating is also symmetrical 4 to the left and right to compose a combined sequence.

CC – 20 I used time outside of the class to create the picture of Jason

Artistic Statement – I am happy with the pictures I produced especially the one of my friend skating. I did it at a park behind my old elementary school during sunset which enabled me to capture a silhouette of him in the process. Ill admit though I probably should have chosen a less chaotic location for Alexus’ photo that way she stood out more.