Q3 Portfolio

1) I feel these photographs best represent the type of photography suited to my taste which is a wide variety. I try not to delegate my skills to one specific genre of photography but dabble in multiple kinds. In my collection of photos, these pictures I feel are my best work that I am proud of.

2) Through the process of creating these pictures, I learned a variety of techniques with my camera and also photoshop. A prime example of this is the Brenizer method and light painting which I both used to create the image of my car behind the city lights.

3) I think in my photography, my photos can best be improved through my editing process and quality overall. This is a weak point I feel in my skills in comparison to my fellow companions such as Ben Frieden.

Brenizer Method

A – 20 I turned in one extra photo than the two required

Q – 18 I am happy with the quality of all of my photos, however I do notice that in my car photo there are some dots possibly because of a dirty sensor or missing pixels

C – 17 For all three I used a fairly symmetrical compositional guideline

CC – 20 Two were taken during the allotted class time and one on the weekend

Artistic Statement – The two photos of Alexus are pretty basic without much to it beyond the surface level. I tried applying the Brenizer method combined with light painting to my car to make it stand out behind the city lights but am unsure if i achieved the effect properly. I am extremely satisfied with the photo, just am unsure if it meets the requirements for the assignment.


Natural Light Portraits

A – 20 I turned in one extra photo than required

Q – 15 I am generally happy with the overall quality of my portraits but something is bothering me about the lighting, I feel like I did not nail it right.

C – 20 I used symmetry for all three of the headshots.

CC – 20 The photo was taken during the allotted time during class.

Artistic Statement – If someone were to hire me, I feel they would also have fired me because there was a lot of trial and error involved for me to take these pictures. I am not satisfied with the process taken to achieve these portraits and I know my client would not have either.

However, while portrait photography has always been a struggle in my skills it is one I am trying to master as I know I could market it well for senior portraits among my peers. I know I am a decent photographer I just need more guidance and practice.