Composition:How we arrange (compose) our photographs to become more pleasing to the eye.

These are Rule of Thirds because the main subject isn’t centered.

1 & 2) Both are soft because they are smoother and don’t show as much shadows.

These are Symmetrical because it’s the same subject balancing each other out.

1 & 2)Both are Soft because there isn’t the harsh light hitting it straight on.

These are Asymmetrical because its two different subjects that balance each other out.1)Direct light because of the shadows. 2)Indirect Light because it’s smoother.



The photographer Workflow is the process of taking photographs, editing them, backing them up, retaking them, and submitting them. The workflow will help you succeed because it is the steps you need to edit your photographs and submit them. File organization is important because you will be able to find your files easier and it will look a lot nicer in order and not have scattered files all over the place.