1. The hardest part in this assignment was finding a good and creative spot to take pictures and getting good lighting
  2. To control DOF is too zoom in or out , get Kinda far from to subject or up close , and last focus on the subject or on the background .
  3. I like the one to the right because the light is giving the person a nice golden glow in the shade
  4. I like taking peoples portraits and I like off guard pictures because you can see the persons personality.

birds view & worms view

birds view

worms view

This photo is birds eye view because it is capturing the full view of the place and how not everyone will look at that from that angle .


This photo is worms eye view and its strong because not a lot of people would look at these mushrooms at this view and its very appealing to the eye

3. Eye level is the least engaging to people because its not exciting to people, they want something that is different and not something they can see everyday with their eyes.


Thing you should do when you are outside is to look for objects and stuff that no one would view throughout their daily life . Don’t take picture of your shoes.

adjust your camera to the light outside . check your camera before you leave because it might be too dark or too bright .



examples of line and framing



  1. The compositional guideline is line and framing because their it a line in the picture or something that creates a line and framing is were something is surrounding an object that is creating a frame
  2. The quality of light are bright and soft lighting
  3. The things that make these photos successful is the lighting , object in the photo  , and location

Shutter Speed Reflection Question

A : 20 because I did give more photos than asked for and tried to get my best photos .

Q : 16 I did understand the assignment but could have did better and edit better .

CD : 20 I indeed pay attention to detail and carefully pick out photos that look the best .

CC : 16 I haven’t found my editing style or what the theme of my photos .

shutter speed types

The different types of shutter speed

This photo shutter speed is slow to get the water to look mist and for the car head lights to look like a straight long line of light in the road ; yes the photographer taking these photos must have used a tripod because so they don’t have to hold the camera for a long time .

this photo’s shutter speed is fast to get something that is in motion to look like a it freeze in time ; In the first image no the photographer doesn’t have to use a tripod and the second photo yes the photographer could have used a tripod but he/she couldn’t.


This photo’s is panning which is the photographer follows a moving object with their camera and so the object that is moving is clear and the background is blurry ; no I don’t think the photographer didn’t need a tripod .

This photo is light writing which is the shutter speed is slow and you write something with your flash light or something bright ; yes the photographer did use tripods in these photos .

shutter speed

freeze action ^^

blurs action ^^

panning ^^

light writing ^^


  1. I’m getting comfortable with tv mode and getting better at how to work it
  2. shutter speed effects the look of the picture and if you have a long shutter speed the object you look at will look burry and fast you can catch something in that’s in motion and it will look like it frozen .
  3. I have 2 that I’m most happy with and its green car thing with the janitor driving it and the light writing that says love .
  4. I could have been little more creative , done more light writing , and improve on my editing .