workflow is where you work at a good speed and you don’t go super fast and rush things. You have good paste  and you work at a good paste so you can make sure your work is good and it is not bad. you do everything the same you go in the same order. take your time to try to make the best photo as possible.



  1. it shows how much he likes to do pottery and how he is good at it.
  2. it just him in the picture doing what he loves.
  3. i have always wanted to do pottery and wanted to see what it like.

Documentry shows that they don’t like something going on in the world or at school. shows how much passion they have for the world or school

3. we went on a lot of protest on things in the world


landscape a beautiful picture of a river that is just a perfect picture oh cool it is.

2. it just looks how cool the world is and the exotic spots

3. it looks so nice and cool i wish i could live there.



  1. it is so cool to look at the lights and so how it glows it just so cool how high the buildings are.

2. you can travel and see a bunch of light like down town it s cool to drive by.

3. i wish i could see this everyday at night look throw y windows.


sureal like one of those things you will see once in  your lie time it is so cool ti see and it looks so fake. looks so fake and it does not  look like something you see.

3.i would want to live out there and see that view everyday.


comercial is a meal that looks like it come from a 5 star resturant

2.they are trying to promote food looks so good and plated really nice