My First Post -Michael De Le Ossa

This is my first post. So yeah, this is it. My defining characteristic is being shy all the time, so I never really talk to people unless they talk to me first. That’s all I have to say here.

My name Is Michael, but I prefer Mikey. My sister calls me a rat all the time so I guess you could also call me that. she’s my twin so she gets to torment me at school as well as at home. The picture I decided to use is at the bottom.

I’ve only ever used my phone to take photos, although my mom owns a camera and I know how to use it a little bit. Over the years I’ve taken a couple thousand photos and less than five are of me and I think I deleted them all, but many are of my sister or brothers and just scenery like nature or buildings.

The closest thing I have to photoshop experience would be the editing function for photos on my phone. I use it frequently though.

I find inspirational photos in nature more so than anything else. I love to take pictures of trees, flowers, the sky. Although Christmas and Halloween are my favorite times to get pictures.

The only thing remotely interesting about me is that I really love to walk except up and down stairs, but I could walk for hours a day and not get terribly tired. I not too long ago walked a total of 5 & 1/2 hours in one day with about 35,000 steps, and the longest walk I’ve ever gone on for fun was just over 3 hours long.

The photo is below










I was looking for a photo to use of me or something that represents me and I just found this one and I was like ” Yeah, this is good enough. I’ll put it in”.









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