This photo depicts the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. It was taken during sunset or sunrise and it was taken from underneath the bridge so it also captured the water and rocks.

It is a landscape/landmark that is well known and is part of nature.

I love sunset pictures, especially with water.


This photo is capturing a girl, maybe late teens in the mountains.

It is a picture that shows somebody up close and is to a candid photo. It centers on the model.

I choose this picture because I noticed that if I had taken it, I probably would not have gotten so close and taken it from more of a distance


This photo is of a man carrying something. It was taken from in between houses, and is maybe it is set in an alley.

This person is not aware that the photo is being taken, and it is a very candid photo as well.

I like how natural this image is. I like that you are able to tell that this man probably does not have a ton of money as well as you can tell he is hardworking. I like that this picture seems like almost a snapshot of his life.


This picture is of a small glass sphere on top of an ice cream cone. It has the beach flipped upside down in the sphere and the background is blurred. The cone is help by a hand.

This picture is surreal because it gives a dreamlike feeling and it like a fantasy picture.

I love how the photographer turned the picture upside down because I feel like it gave it a sense of confusion to the picture because you wonder what you are looking at for a couple seconds before your eyes adjust.


This photo shows a young oy. He is holding a water jug. He has a look of wisdom on his face and he looks tired as well. The house or place he lives is behind him and shows that he is probably not rich and you can see the shape and face of a woman, maybe is mom behind him. She has the same worn and tired look.

This picture documents the struggles around the world and tells a story about a young boy who lives in a poor world.

I like this picture because it reminds me to be grateful for what I have and that not everyone is as fortunate.


This picture is of a wedding and a newly married couple or about to be married.

This photo is a fashion photo because it is of a model and staged.

I like this photo because the guy seems to be thinking twice and his eyes look squinty while the bride seems very calm and happy to be in the moment.

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