Assignments for April 13th – 17th

As you know, TUSD is allowing students and parents to choose to accept 3rd quarter grades as semester grades for the final spring semester grade. I hope you will choose to continue completing the EMR assignments I post here because doing so can only help, not hinder your semester grade and it may give you an opportunity to receive EMR certification from the American Red Cross. That certification will depend on your completion of the assignments, your ability to pass the certification exam and your willingness to demonstrate hands-on skills such as CPR chest compressions and using an AED for the CPR portion, and skills like applying splints and using a tourniquet for the first aid portion once the Covid 19 quarantine is lifted. For those of you who choose to complete the EMR lesson assignments and wish to qualify for certification, I will schedule a time next fall with you for demonstrating the skills and taking the certification exams.

For this week’s lesson assignments, please read Chapter 14 “Medical Emergencies” which begins on page 428 and Chapter 15 “Poisoning” which begins on page 442. Respond to the “You are the Emergency Medical Responder” prompts at the beginning and end of each lesson and email your written responses to me for bell work. Below is the link for the EMR e-textbook.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter with your families. Stay safe and stay healthy!
Coach Boese


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