Hello THS Sports Med lab students!

Crazy times, huh? Well, we will try to make the best of it. Just know I really miss all of you and miss being in the classroom with you! We will attempt to continue the EMR lessons with the hope of completing the hands-on and test requirements when classes resume. My expectation for all students is for you to read through the information and complete the bell work for two lessons each week, beginning on Monday,  March 30th. The bell work for each lesson is the “You are the Emergency Medical Responder” slides at the beginning and end of each lesson. We will start where we left off before Spring break with EMR lesson 10, “Airway and Ventilation” , (kind of ironic timing, don’t you think?) You can download the entire EMR E-textbook at the following link: https://www.redcrosslearningcenter.org/sfc/servlet.shepherd/document/download/069d0000003vdsQAAQ?operationContext=S1

Lesson 10 begins on page 213. Please read carefully through the text and look at the cool pictures to understand the skills involved so you can demonstrate them when we return, ( fingers crossed! ). Remember to think through the “You are the Emergency Responder prompts at the beginning and end of the lesson. You can either write down your responses as bell work on paper to turn in (at some point ) or email your bell work to me at Michael.boese@tusd1.org. Please complete both lesson 10 “Airway and Ventilation” and lesson 11 “Airway Management” the week of March 30th though April 3rd. I will send you an email with instructions to return to this site for the following week’s lessons.
Stay safe and stay healthy!
Coach Boese

Ps If you are unable to download the link to the EMR E-textbook, email me and I will provide a printed copy of the lessons for each week!

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