Assignment 7

Wormseye view



Birdseye view

(Note I took some of these over break because I knew we’d do this assignment I have my sources)


New angles introduce more ways to shoot out of the ordinary since I’ve been photographing before this class I know and have used techniques like this to improve


I honestly don’t know the most successful but if I had to choose one it might be #5 of wormseye because its really an exact perspective I’d never tried yet pulled off very well and I’m proud to say I think I did very well


I’d probably add regular view I know its a bit ordinary but add the extra challenge of an extra 5 photos ontop of the 20 we have it would work well

Grade: I’d give myself a 94 because I edited clearly and well and I experimented with success followed guidelines and presented more pictures then necessary but some angles weren’t as interesting as others



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