Spring Portfolio

1:Shutter Speed

2:I think the space the waterfall takes up is just right with the shutter speed being low and the color creates sharp beautiful image
3: I this I think I truly mastered how shutter speed for waterfalls.

Created for shutter speed

The partial symmetry mixed with the randomness of the lights creates an interesting contrast

I learned what shutter speeds work for certain lighting (cars)


1: No particular assignment, was taken in Telluride Colorado

2: I think the clouds reflecting the blueish sky makes something like I’ve never taken before, something very unique to my gallery

3: I spent the longest time ever editing this photo since I enjoyed it the most, I felt very confident with the editing

1 No particular assignment. Taken in Los Angeles California Vine Subway Station.

2: I think the movement of the subway highlights it from the picture and makes the image come alive as well as the angle.

3: I think I accomplished gritty looking pictures I learned more in depth at how they should be edited

1: No Assignment, Veil Arizona.

2: The Mountains align with the clouds and the color of the sky interests me a lot

3: I learned here that sometimes heavy editing will make a picture look worse so I edited it more minimally.

1: No Particular Assignment, Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

2: I love how I did Black and White with the, the photo benefits with B&W more than not and the symmetry is almost perfect to me

3: I learned how to edit B&W to the best that I could and used that for another photo in here.

1: Shutter Speed

2: how the some rocks blend in with the river flow and the angle at which I shot the river

3: I learned how to blend in motion with non motion objects

1: No Particular Assignment, taken at Roosevelt Lake.

2: This is probably hands down my best black and white picture I’ve ever taken, I shot the angle with a lot more competency then I usually shoot of depth

3: I really think I learned how to edit angles to look them make better as well that I learned how to make different B&W’s

1: No Particular Assignment, taken at Roosevelt Lake.

2: The Arch with the water create an interesting depth to the picture and the boats make me feel like the photo has more going on

3: I learned not too much but the entire trip made me think about angling


David Guttenfelder is a National Geographic Photographer focusing on geopolitical conflict, conservation and culture.

Guttenfelder has spent more than 20 years as a photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Nairobi, Abidjan, New Delhi, Jerusalem and Tokyo covering world events in nearly 100 countries. In 2011, he helped open a bureau in Pyongyang for the Associated Press, the first western news agency to have an office in North Korea. Guttenfelder has made nearly 40 trips to the otherwise-isolated country.

Guttenfelder is an eight-time World Press Photo Award winner and a seven-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He is the 2013 ICP Infinity Prize winner for photojournalism and a winner of the Overseas Press Club of America John Faber, Olivier Rebbot, & Feature Photography awards. Pictures of the Year International and the NPPA have named him Photojournalist of the Year. In 2016, a photograph of his made in North Korea was named among TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential Photographs Ever Taken”.


David Gluttenfelder

Barack Obama Becomes President

November 8 2008


September 1st 2018

North Korea

Time unspecified


unspecified time


Outtake from 2,278 mile rt 66 road trip.

July 27 2018