Assignment 8

Give me a 50 I have an “excuse” my backups on photoshop kept screwing up and this is the only thing I salvaged its late because of that and I’ll accept a 50 or below because I expect better than this of myself

Assignment 7

Wormseye view



Birdseye view

(Note I took some of these over break because I knew we’d do this assignment I have my sources)


New angles introduce more ways to shoot out of the ordinary since I’ve been photographing before this class I know and have used techniques like this to improve


I honestly don’t know the most successful but if I had to choose one it might be #5 of wormseye because its really an exact perspective I’d never tried yet pulled off very well and I’m proud to say I think I did very well


I’d probably add regular view I know its a bit ordinary but add the extra challenge of an extra 5 photos ontop of the 20 we have it would work well

Grade: I’d give myself a 94 because I edited clearly and well and I experimented with success followed guidelines and presented more pictures then necessary but some angles weren’t as interesting as others



Gallery trip

1: The photograph is a house from an angle with a deserty planes in the background with weeds sticking out its black and white and has a leering mountain in the background.

2: The the black and white makes sense in the context of the picture and I love the angle from which its taken

3: Asymmetrical

Activity 6


Simplicity because the simple background highlights the foreground

Its diffused because the light is reflecting off the table

Its successful because the black and white almost blends the back and foreground


Simplicity because its a less simple foreground with the background brining out the foreground with its simplicity

Diffused because the clouds fade the light

It makes use of simplicity at a base form

Forced Perspective

It is forced perspective because they are combining 2 pictures

Diffused because theres no direct light source

It makes use of 2d space and does it in a good way

Forced perspective because its flipped

Direct because nothing is blocking the sunlight

Its successful because it looks like the shoe is pulling him