Photos Aug 14-18

This is Riley. He is the latest addition to my family. He used to be in a program called the Decompression Program (a program where extremely scared and not sociable dogs become more adoptable and comfortable with people)  at Pima Animal Care Center (where I volunteer). I was first interested in him when a volunteer tried to take him out but he was extremely scared, this led me to taking him to a quiet room to get away from the stress of the shelter. He started rolling over onto me and giving me ” hugs”, something he hasn’t done with anyone else. I was leaving that month to travel and while I was away he was adopted. He didn’t even get a chance to leave the parking lot before they returned him because he was scared to get in the car. Two weeks later I had just landed in Phoenix and was about to take a shuttle to Tucson when I had finally convinced my mom to go adopt him. We picked him up when I got back into Tucson. He loves our two other dogs and has a special relationship with our 1 year old, Bella.

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