8:shutter speed

  1. I’m pretty comfortable with Tv MODE.
  2. I am happiest with light drawing because I felt very confident in my work can improve on panning and slow shutter speed rather than fast shutter speed.

composition part 2

  1. The compositional guideline is the subject in a photograph
  2. Quality of light is the amount of light that hits or doesn’t hit in a photo
  3. The composition and quality of light is what makes a photograph successful

rule of thirds, balance pt.2


A: 19 I submitted 2 more photographs then required

Q: 16 because all photographs are edited but not intensively

C: 16 because I only used one guideline in each image.

CC: 18 I put a lot of effort looking for very visible guidelines


  1. With my first picture of asymmetrical balance the lighting is direct, the last photograph I have with symmetrical the lighting is also direct; the picture of the tree on rule of third is diffused light.
  2. I used the crop tool to straighten the images, I also used the histogram to adjust the lighting in the photographs.
  3. I don’t feel like the koala shown because I feel like I managed my time wisely with this assignment.

Quality of light/Composition I research

1. Composition- All the subjects in an image being together to form the final image.

Image 1: She is standing close to the left side rather then the middle which makes it rule of third; diffused light.

image 2: The surfer is on the far right not in the middle; direct light.

image 3: The bird is on the left side of the image, right about a line of the rule of third would land; diffused light.

image 4: The image isn’t identical on both sides but it is balanced; coarse light.

image 5: both football players aren’t identical but the image is balanced; direct light.

image 6: the buildings aren’t identical but they are balanced; diffused light.

image 7,8,9: dividing both images vertical is an identical image


Quality of light


  1. I personally prefer direct light because I feel it gives more emphasize to a photo.
  2. I am happiest with my silhouette phototgraphs because they stand out the most.
  3. i am least happiest with my diffused light because the photograph is more direct.



  1. This assignment is about learning to look because we had to at things from different angles.
  2. I am happiest with the S because not anyone can spot angles like that.
  3. the hardest part of the assignment was to find more curry letters such as S,W,X,Z.


A photographer work flow is the way work, or assignments are completed. Such like a procedure done to complete tasks is workflow. Following a workflow helps stay on top of work and assignments which helps you succeed by helping you staying on task without falling behind. A long with having a work flow in place a file organizer is important to stay organized with your work flow.