• A photo of a mother and 2 children who’s father died drowning and young daughter at US Southern border
  • Tells the story about the issue immigrants and the fight of the US
  • Not to sound like insensitive but they look so distressed and it seems interesting


  • This photo is people walking on London sketch @ Union Street in London
  • It’s a photo without much meaning just a simple picture of people walking on a street.
  • It reminds me of the 1940s I don’t know it looked old and cool.


  • A woman in distressed covered in mud or dirty in a simple red dress in a bathroom.
  • Its a picture of a person and you could figure out or try to understand what they are like
  • The green walls and the red dress and the girl how she’s posed.


  • A view of an ocean with mountains covered in grass around the water.
  • It a picture of a view of nature
  • I like the colors in the picture


  • A man hanging from a bridge underneath him is a stream of deep water
  • Its not possible for him to be hanging there like chilling not worried really
  • The mans yellow jacket stands out to me


  • A McDonalds sign not much else to explain
  • Its a brand and a picture
  • The contrast of the colors in the picture

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