Framing and Line photos

Line photos:

These are line photos because, the photo leads your eyes in a straight line

Theses photos are diffused and direct.

Framing photos:

These photos are framing because, you can see through the object.

these photos are diffused and direct.

shutter speed

slow shutter speed

fast shutter speed






























Composition 1 (Rule of thirds and balance)


Composition is whatever in the photo that’s appealing to the eye.


This are symmetrical photos:

These photos are symmetrical because, one side of the photo identical to the other side of the photo.One photo is direct and the other is diffused.

These are Rule of third photos:

These photos are Rule of third, because the subjects are intersecting the 3*3 grid lines.These photos are also diffused photos.

These are Asymmetrical photos:

These photos are Asymmetrical because, the subjects aren’t identical but, the photos are balance.One photo is Direct lighting and the other photo is Diffused lighting.

Quality of light

Soft light

These are soft light pictures because, the light intensity is being decreased.


These are silhouette pictures because, the hand and the bike look like shadows because, how the light is reflecting it.

Hard light

These are hard light pictures because, the light is directly hitting this wall and baby.


Soft light photos I took:


Hard light photos I took:

Silhouette photos I took: