Reflection: Quality of Light


  1. I personally prefer the silhouette quality of light because they are easy to create and are very pleasing to look at. Also the contrast between the foreground and the background and allows the viewer to only see their outline which encourages the use of their imagination.
  2. Im happiest with the direct lighting photographs although they are notoriously known for harsh lines and non-complimenting images but as for mine, they came out pretty cool and appealing.
  3. Im least happy with my diffused lighting photographs because they weren’t well taken and rushed.

Rubric Grading:

A: 20/20 because I submitted extra photographs of good quality.

Q: 16/20 because all photos are edited using both Lightroom and Photoshop.

C: 20/20 because we haven’t discussed composition in class.

CC: 20/20 because I utilized most of the time being productive as well as worked outside of the classroom.

Reflection Questions 5: A to Z

1.) This assignment provided the experience to be able to “learn to look” around campus and discover things that can provide a different perspective. For example, looking at the details of the buildings and discovering letters within those details.

2.) The photo of letter Z is the one I am happiest with because it was the last one I needed in order to complete this assignment and by far the most creative.

3.) The hardest part of this assignment was to find/take two different photographs for one letter between me and my partner.


6: Quality of Light

These photos are examples of silhouette photography because it defines the view of the objects or a a scene consisting of the outline and faceless interior, with the object usually being black.

These photos are examples of direct light photography because it displays light coming directly from a source to the subject will have dark shadows with a hard, defined edge.

These photos are examples of diffused light its the outcomes of diffused light which displays soft light with neither the intensity nor the glare of direct light.