open theme

AI; 16/20 I uploaded the required amount of photos.

QT: 20/20 I edited them al and I feel i did pretty well.

CD: 16/20 Not all of them have two or more compositional guidelines

CC: 20/20 I used all time out of class and edited the carefully.

My original plan was to take pictures of different type of landscape around town, but i changed my mind and decided to take pictures of my friends at a park. I feel i did pretty well, and i am proud of this assignment.

Open Theme Plan

My plan for this assignment is to take pictures of different landscapes around Tucson and/or some old fashioned looking things. Maybe go to gates pass or even up to Mt Lemmon and take pictures of the different scenery, downtown would be cool also and maybe i could edit them in a way that they look old school.

multiplicity assignment

AI- 12/20 I didn’t use the required amount of photos.

QT- 12/20 i feel as if I could edit the photos better.

CD- 16/20 I used one or maybe more compositional guidelines in my photos.

CC- 16/20- I used my time carefully and took appropriate photos.

I feel like I meed more practice on editing because there are obvious things I could fix on these photos, I need to learn how to edit better.

AI: 16/20 I have the required amount of photos.

QT: 12/20 I could’ve edited the picture of the birds better, but the rest are edited pretty well.

C: 16/20 my photos do include at least one compositional guideline.

CC: 16/20: i feel like all photos include an artistic style.

Artistic Statement

My original idea was to have a pair of die and make it as a motion blur, but that didn’t quite workout. I executed the idea by transitioning into a freeze motion for the most part, mostly because i like freeze motion better, although i feel like my strengths of this work is that water fountain being frozen, i really feel like it shows the meaning of freezing motion. i need improvements on my variety of works, as in to expand my variety and do different things.