Q3 portfolio

  1. This photo is here because i like the way the water looks frozen.
  2. I practiced my ability to do motion blur, and feel like i succeeded
  3. I can try and practice more and make my edits better and make this photo brighter.

  1. I like how the sky looks with the buildings just sets a mood like a chill vibe.
  2. I thought the sky looked perfect for a photo like this so i decided to take this photo for fun.
  3. I could maybe edit it somehow and make it look even better, but i like how the original came out.

  1. I think the mountains look awesome in the background with the trees and how the field looks.
  2. This photo was for fun also, but i just thought that the background looked amazing at the time.
  3. I like the way this photo came out as the original.

  1. I like the way the people are in focus and the background is also cool in my opinion.
  2. This was used in open theme assignment and i practiced trying to get the subject in focus with the background being a little blurry.
  3. I could edit this to a point where the picture looks slightly brighter.

  1. I like taking landscape photos, and this fit the build almost perfectly, with all the colors the how the mountains stick out behind the buildings.
  2. I learned that the background is a huge factor in certain photos.
  3. I could maybe make sure that next time there could possibly be more colors, but I really like this original photo.


ps challeng

cinema graphs

beach cinemagraph

cinemagraph gif

ps challenge

tape kid ps challenge

liquid man ps challenge

natural light headshots

With reflector

no reflector

dogs are out

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