DOF Project

Shallow DOF


Deep DOF

The hardest part of this assignment is to get the camera to focus on the the main object/person and make the background blurry.

You change the aperture level. The lower the level the better shallow picture you get. The higher the level the better deep DOF.

My favorite photograph is the one of Charles in DOF deep because it came out the best and almost everything is in focus.

I like taking peoples portraits because if you get a person at the right angle you can make the person look cool and ver focused.

Birds and Worms eye view project

Birds eye view

Worms eye view

I think taking photos from different angles can improve the way we take photos and how creative we are with taking picture.

The most successful photograph we took was the perspective worms eye where you see the ground and the roots of the tree.

I would have changed how we had to take birds eye because its hard to get pictures from above when were eye level.


Activity 11

Birds Eye’s

The strengths of birds eye view are you can see everything around the main focus and the whole surrounding, and everything looks smaller.

Worms eye view

The strengths of worms eye view are it can make everything appear bigger and it really is.

Eye level is least engaging because nothing looks bigger or smaller it just looks normal and looks the same if you look without the camera.

You should not be on your phones outside.

You should be taking pictures the whole time.

Comp 3 Project


These photos are successful because you can see the main focus of each photo.

(Direct and diffused lighting)


Forced Perspective

These pictures are successful because it looks like the organisms are smaller than they actually are.

(Direct and Diffused lighting)


Rule of Thirds and Freeze Actions

This picture is successful because you can see him skating past as freeze action.


Freeze Action and Direct Lighting


This photo is successful because you can clearly see she is spinning because of the direct lighting

comp activity 3


This simplicity and direct lighting. These pictures are successful because there clear and the object in the middle is the main focus and you can tell thats what they want you to look at.

Forced Perspective

These are force perspective and diffused lighting.

Combination of 2 compositional guidelines

Simplicity and Freeze Action

Diffused lighting and Freeze Action

Composition 2 Activity


These photos are framing because the people are in the middle of the shape thats framing them.

The quality of light for the first one is direct. The quality of light for the second photo is also direct.


These photos are an example of line because there are lines in one or more directions clearly in this picture.

The quality of light for the first photo is unknown because the picture is black and white. The second photos light quality is defused because there are shadows and the light is not directly on the steps.