A workflow is a specific way of completing a task, often the method that results in the best work. A photographers workflow is organized, professional, and fast passed. So it’s important to stay organized. File organization is important because as a photographer we need to stay organized so we can do to job quickly and efficiently. Also the files need to be organized so all of our photos don’t get mixed up and we can’t find them.



This is a photo of a teenage boy who is under a circle white light. He is wearing a green shirt with a king on it. He also has khaki pants on. He’s wearing nike shoes. He’s also wearing glasses. This is an example of portrait because it focuses on the boy and only him, also it tells the story that he is a model because he’s posing and under and professional light. I like this photo because he really stands out in the picture and you can clearly see him. Also because he’s wearing nike shoes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


This is a photo of a blue car drifting.  I would assume that this car is in a race.  If  it a race its not a very big race because theres not stands full of people around it. This photo is an example of documentary because its in the moment, and its captures the the car drifting in the moment. I like this image because the person succsesfully pulled off a drift.


 This is a picture of a desert. The sky is very blue. The sand also looks very soft. This falls under Landscape/nature because the desert is apart of nature. I chose this picture because we live in the desert and i love the desert. 


This is a picture cars on the freeway at night vs. during the day. The cars are going faster at night because you can’t really see the cars all you can see is the lights of the headlights. This falls under Street because the cars didn’t know that this picture was taken of them driving. I like this picture because I like how you can’t tell that this was taken at different time besides if you look at the sky.


This is a picture of the forest. The water doesn’t look like water but it looks like thicker water that has something murky in it and its slowly running down stream. This falls under surreal, because water doesnt look like that, and its almost dream like. I like this picture because the sunset or sunrise in the back is very beautiful, and the murky water is nice to look at.


This is a picture of a boxer who is in the ring ready to fight. He is wearing a Adidas head protector, and the picture is black, white, grey. This falls under Commercial because he’s wearing Adidas so he’s promoting Adidas so people will buy Adidas. I like this picture because the guy is boxing,  boxing is a sport and I love sports.