Rule of Thirds & Balance

Rule of Thirds The photo on the right end of this gallery has direct light because of the hard shadows it has and the composition is Rule of Thirds because it is not in the center of the photo. The editing tools I used was the highlight scale and the shadow scale. I used a […]

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Composition 1 Activity

Composition is how we arrange our photographs to be more pleasing to the eye. Rule of Thirds These images are rule of thirds because they are not in the center. The quality of light in left image is diffuse because the shadows are soft, and right image is also diffuse.   Symmetrical Balance ¬†These images […]

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Assignment 1 Reflection

Direct I prefer these photos to be direct because the light is shining right on them. I’m most happy with the building because it has more detail. I’m least happy with the trash can, I would’ve add more shadow. Diffuse I prefer these photos as diffuse because the light reflects off of them. I’m most […]

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Quality Of Light

This quality of light is called a silhouette¬†because the subjects are lit from behind and appear black.This image appeals me because it shows the bravery of firefighters everywhere. This quality of light is called direct because the light shines directly on the subject.This image appeals me because it shows the beauty of nature. This quality […]

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